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ForestBioFacts is suitable for everyone: whether you are new in the bioforest industry or an experienced R&D professional

Overview of forest-based products and technologies for students, sales persons and managers 

Solutions for the daily challenges in the industry for project managers, business developers, professionals at the mill and students

For professionals working in R&D and master's students


16 Themes

Everything you need to know about forest-based products and technologies 

Introduction to forest-based bioeconomy

Dr. Heikki Hassi, SciTech-Service Oy

Is it possible to fullfil various human needs by sustainable use of renewable forest resources? Learn more about forest-based bioeconomy

Natural fibre products

Professor Jouni Paltakari, Aalto University

Do you know how wood is present in our everyday life?  Learn more about paper, board, tissues and several other everyday commodities made of this sustainable and renewable raw material.

Pulping and biorefining

Professor Raimo Alén, Jyväskylä University

Modern biorefinery is more than just producing pulp. Learn how wood is processed in to fibres and other chemical products.


Dr. Heli Kangas, VTT

Learn how the unique properties of nanosized biomaterials can be exploited in creating novel products or how to replace oil-based materials in existing products.

Man-made biobased
fibre products

Professor (emeritus) Pertti Nousiainen, Tampere University

Clothes from wood? Bio-based man-made fibres mainly produced from dissolving cellulose have interesting properties. Besides clothing, bio-based man-made fibres have strong potential also in hygienic and medical applications.

Biomass chemistry
and physiology

Professor Tapani Vuorinen, Aalto University

Do plants use pumps in transporting their liquids? Why are some polysaccharides soluble in water while others are not? Learn this and much more in the Biomass chemistry and physiology theme of the ForestBioFacts.

Energy and biofuels

Professor Esa Vakkilainen, LUT University

Did you know that about a quarter of Finland's primary energy is generated from wood? The forest industry is an energy-intensive industry but also the largest producer of bioenergy. Learn more about energy and biofuels on ForestBioFacts.

Process control and automation

Professor Kauko Leiviskä, Oulu University

Process control is a large area consisting of activities needed for control, coordination and management of the operations and production of the mill. Learn how the decisions made by the mill staff and various automation systems are connected to mill operations.

Biomass resources

Professor (emeritus) Seppo Kellomäki, University of Eastern Finland

Forests have several functions for people: ecological, social, economic and cultural. These main dimensions are the basis of sustainable forest management, which aims at providing future generations with the same goods and services from the forest ecosystem as the current generation has access to.

Asset management

Docent Jorma Järviö, Tampere University, SMS Oy

Would you rather fight with fire or prevent it from ignition? Preventive maintenance focuses on reducing the amount of equipment failures and preventing the disruption of the production process. Nowadays, the importance of regularly performed and well-planned maintenance of plant machinery and equipment has become obvious.

Material testing & product properties

M Sc. Petteri Maijanen, ABB

What are the most critical properties of products made of wood? How are they measured? Find it out on the Materials testing and product properties theme of ForestBioFacts.

Business and investment planning

Dr. Tom Lind and Dr. Antti Lindqvist

What do you need to conduct a strategy and plan your investments? Learn more what are the common approaches and tools to do business and investment planning in a pragmatic manner within the forest industry

Environmental management

Professor Olli Dahl, Aalto University

What is the environmental load arising from process industry, what does it consist of and from where does it originate? Increase your understanding about the latest environmental issues, possibilities and challenges related to forest industry.

Recycled fibre

Professor Samuel Schabel, TU Darmstadt

Coming Soon

Supply chain

M.Sc. Antti Vehviläinen

Coming Soon

Wood products

B. Eng. Ritva Varis

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